Vector 3.0
Vector Excercise Tips
Fall Protection, Perfected
Vector: Up Close and Personal
The Vector Advantage

The Therapist Perspective

The Occupational Therapist's Perspective
PT's Perspective #1

Over-ground Gait and Balance Training

“Walking with Vector”
“TBI Pilates Ball”
“Stroke Patient Walking with Vector”
“Lunging Exercise”
“Balance Training with Vector”
“Ball Bouncing with Vector”
“Step Up”
“TBI Stair Step”
“TBI Walking with Vector”
“Over-ground Training with Vector”
“Stroke Amputee Walking with Vector”

Pre-Gait Activities and Transfers

“Crawling with Vector”
“SCI Sit to Stand”
“TBI Kneeling to Standing”
“SCI Play a Game while Kneeling”
“SCI Play a Game while Kneeling”

Safety Features

“Fall Prevention with Vector”
“Fall Prevention During Toe Taps”
“Harness Attachment with Locking Carabiners”