What is the Vector Advantage?

Vector with Intuitive Body Weight Support redefines the rehab experience for both patients and clinicians
  • 500 lbs patient weight capacity
  • Active Body Control Fall Protection
  • Standardized Outcomes
Designed for both physical and occupational therapy, the Vector System provides a safe environment and real-world experience for adult and pediatric* patients recovering from stroke, amputations, and orthopedic, brain and spinal cord injuries.

Patient & Therapist Safety
The Vector alleviates the risk of falling and provides a feeling of security, instilling confidence in patients and empowering clinicians to develop effective and challenging rehabilitation regimens. Vector reduces safety risks so clinicians can remain focused on their patient’s execution of an activity.
Improved Patient Outcomes
By providing Dynamic Body Weight Support and preventing falls, the Vector provides a real-world experience and promotes an early start to pre-gait activities, over-ground gait rehabilitation and activities of daily living (ADLs).
Seamlessly transition between activities without pausing.
Clinical Efficiency
Up to 3 robotic trolleys can be placed on one track to treat multiple patients
  • Promotes quality one-on-one clinician patient interaction
  • Closed loop tracks allow for endurance training without having to turn around and enables proper execution of standardized outcome measures like the 6-minute walk test
Innovative Technology Takes Therapy a Giant Step Forward
Historically, locomotor training techniques offered limited versatility, restricted clinician/patient interaction and required the same number of personnel to assist and operate as manual assist techniques. These technologies also neglect the importance of pre-gait activities, lack over-ground gait specificity, have limited weight capacities and don’t allow patients to safely fail and learn corrective actions during rehabilitation.

As an innovative and market-leading technology, Vector is breaking these barriers. Vector is a high-performance device that functions during even the most intensive rehabilitation.
Vector Works Seamlessly With Other Bioness Products
With Vector’s superior body weight support, patients can maximize therapy using other Bioness technologies designed to enhance rehabilitation including the Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS), the L300 Foot Drop System, L300 Plus, and the H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System. 
Adding functional electrical stimulation (FES) to Dynamic Body Weight Support is a powerful approach that promotes independent walking and accelerates outcomes outside the clinic.
All the Benefits of Being Backed by Bioness
From comprehensive on-site product training and technical support to continuing education, financing programs and marketing tools, Bioness has all the tools and many local representatives to help integrate and clinically implement the Vector System – and better help therapists serve their patients.

Vector training is a comprehensive, hands-on program structured to develop confident, masterful users who can then train additional staff.