How Do You Maximize Your Therapy Sessions?

An Intuitive, Secure Software Platform
  • Choice of PC or remote operation
  • Safety and emergency controls are available and on every screen of both devices
  • Secure, HIPAA complaint patient database
  • Administrator and user logins
  • Multiple language options
Dynamic Body Weight Support
Dynamic Body Weight Support unloads a portion of the patient's body weight at a constant level providing the patient with the right level of challenge during treatment.
Fall Prevention
Fall Prevention provides the patient with freedom of movement and reduced fear of falling to give them confidence to complete a wide variety of activities such as:
  • Pre-gait Activities
  • Stair Climbing
  • Gait Training
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Balance Exercises
  • Terrain Changes
  • Sit to Stand Exercises
  • Treadmill Exercises
Auto Recovery
Allow the patient to experience a fall and practice recovery skills smoothly and automatically resuming dynamic unloading and trolley tracking when the patient reaches a standing position. Focus on assisting the patient to self-correct and keep hands free of the controls.
Active Body Control
Active Body Control monitors movement force and detects a fall when a threshold is reached allowing the patient freedom of controlled movement for activities that involve vertical movement. Maintain protection from falls while bending over, doing lunges or squats, or performing ground transfers.
Posterior & Anterior Cuing
Enhance the therapy challenge by allowing the trolley to track at a fixed anterior or posterior position above the patient. Cue faster walking with anterior mode or compensate for festinating gait with posterior mode.
Anterior Chase
Anterior Chase designed to encourage patients to increase walking speed up to a target speed set by the clinician. The system monitors the patients speed and positions itself anterior to the patient applying a horizontal force. The trolley will continue to follow the patient from its anterior position and match the patient's velocity.
Gait Smoothing
Allow Vector to automatically increase or decrease patient weight offloading to provide further assistance to patients with abnormal or variable gait patterns. Gait patterns with a lot of vertical movement will trigger increased dynamic body weight support.
Ascent Assist
Provide immediate body weight support assistance for ascending activities. The patient gets support only when they need it. Get more out of blocked practice activities such as:
  • Sit-to-stand
  • Step-ups
  • Ground transfers.
Outcome Measures
Track patient achievement over time. Compare results to baseline performance. Automate recording of patient movement for standardized assessments such as:
  • Timed Up & Go
  • 5 & 10 Meter Walk
  • 2 & 6 Minute Walk