Injury Prevention

Protecting Clinicians
Clinicians are also at risk of injury, with the majority of injuries occurring while transferring or lifting patients, and responding to unanticipated or sudden patient movement. The Vector minimizes clinician risk by reducing the patient’s need for multiple and continual therapist support.
Safety Features
Maintain control of the session with Vector’s exclusive Emergency Stop and Emergency Lower features, always available right at your fingertips.
Reducing Therapist Injuries
Protect therapists from back injuries and strains that result in lost productivity, workers compensation claims, and sick time and have a direct economic impact to the clinic.
Shorten Length of Stay
  • Reduce healthcare expenditures by preventing patient falls and resultant setbacks
  • Remove the fear of falls for more effective one-on-one interaction and treatment
  • Promote independent walking to accelerate rehabilitation and shorten length of stay

“The therapists are working less and the patients are working more.”

Corina, DPT

“I totally do different activities now that I have the Vector. I don’t need someone with me. I can do high level balance activities if I need and not worry if they’re going to fall.”

Kristin Evans, Occupational Therapist
TIRR Memorial Hermann