Improving Safety, Removing Fear, Expanding Rehabilitation Techniques

Is the Fear of Injuring Yourself or Your Patients Limiting Your Therapeutic Regimen?
The Vector System offers a safe environment for patients and clinicians to rehabilitate and practice walking with confidence. By setting fall limits and allowing patients to experience how it feels to be caught by the Vector, they gain confidence to attempt more challenging activities. Without having to worry about patient safety, clinicians can focus on creating a challenging and individually customized training program.
Falling is the #1 risk of injury during treatment and can impede the rehabilitation process by causing loss of confidence, anxiety, activity restriction and injury.
What are you currently NOT doing for your patients due to the risk of falls?
The Vector can help accelerate recovery rates and improve patient outcomes5.

5McCain KJ, et al. 2008. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 89:684-691

“One of the key points of motor learning is for the patient to learn from their own mistakes.”