What is Intuitive Body Weight Support?

The Benefits of Intuitive Body Weight Support
Vector’s Intuitive Body Weight Support continually offsets a specified amount of the patient’s weight as they move, so they can safely and confidently perform rehabilitative exercises.

Either before therapy or on the fly, therapists can set and adjust the percentage of the patient’s body weight to dynamically unload.

Vector Intuitive Body Weight Support advantages:
  • Therapy can be started earlier
  • Continually challenge patients while keeping them safe
  • Real-world training prepares patients for life outside of the therapy gym
  • Increase therapy efficiency by allowing a hands-on approach rather than supporting the patient and being constantly concerned about them falling
  • Expand treatment options and shorten recovery times
A Clear Improvement Over Traditional Static Body Weight Support
A patient’s center of mass moves when they take a step up or down. A system that utilizes Intuitive Body Weight Support unloads a percent of a patient’s body weight and during this movement, maintains that percent at a constant level. Vector achieves Intuitive Body Weight Support by automatically shortening or lengthening the support rope as the patient takes a step up or down. Patients can walk, step up, lunge or kneel more naturally while still being supported.
Traditional static body weight support systems aim to prevent falls but are very restrictive and can feel abnormal. Static systems use a rope or strap of fixed length to provide safety. If a patient elevates or takes a step up, the rope goes slack and no longer provides the necessary unloading, leaving the patient vulnerable to falls, putting both the patient and the therapist at risk. The fixed-length rope restricts downward movement for squats, transitioning to the ground or even natural depressions during gait.
During a step, Intuitive Body Weight Support keeps the rope taught to provide the selected unloading while preventing falls. Static BWS systems provide no such benefits during active movement.
Versatility and Real-World Experience
Over-ground training closely mimics real-world experience. By employing Intuitive Body Weight Support, Vector enables true over-ground training in a wide range of exercises, including:
  • Pre-gait activities (e.g., transfers)
  • Balance exercises
  • Stair climbing
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Surface changes
  • Treadmill endurance training
While secured in the Vector, a patient can safely feel balance reactions and experience mistakes to achieve motor learning and develop effective movement strategies.
Enables Natural Kinematic Movements
During normal gait, an individual’s center of mass moves in all three planes: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. Over-ground Intuitive Body Weight Support enables the patient to practice natural kinematic movements in all three planes without the fear of falling.
Expand Your Vector System with Vector Base
A Vector Base trolley provides non-robotic body weight support for a safe and natural walking environment. Vector Base unloads up to 180 lbs of a patient’s weight and provides spring-assisted natural center of mass movement during ambulation. The system operates on the same track as the Vector Elite, bolstering efficiency and productivity.